About C-ment

What is C-ment?

Children with emotional and behavioural problems need help not blame. The Child Mental Health Research Trust, C-ment, was founded to fund research into mental disturbance in young people.

16 years ago University College London (UCL) formed a link with West Essex Child Mental Health Services. Previously clinical services had been very limited and research had not been possible. C-ment was set up to help develop a research base that would assist in creating a good quality service.

Why do research in a community clinic?

Carrying out research in conjunction with treatment services helps attract able clinicians, introduce new treatment techniques and maintain a clinical service 'at the cutting edge'.

The charity has supported projects such as identifying children at risk for drug use, understanding why teenagers harm themselves and which children with Tourettes syndrome need help.

C-ment is currently raising money to support a particularly important project. Parents who separate often continue a battle over the children. Fathers claim that they are not allowed to see their children and mothers claim that the father is dangerous. What are the effects on the children? The indications are that the battle is very damaging but there is little information describing adults who went through this in childhood. That information can be found but it will take time and energy. We need £50,000 per year for three years to find out what happens to children of battling parents.

How Is C-ment Run?

The Trust is independent of any organisation and run by a small number of trustees each with their own expertise. Their time is wholly voluntary and the trust spends less than £200 per year on its own expenses.
Trustees names can be found on the contacts page below.

It costs at least £50,000 annually to provide basic funding for any one project. C-ment has fully funded some of the projects but it helps especially to provide initial funding to enable young researchers have time to prepare projects (pump priming) and to allow pilot schemes to get off the ground.

How Can I Help?

C-ment has no government funding or endowments. Grants from official bodies are increasingly scarce. Once a project has been planned and shown to be feasible it becomes easier to attract other grants. To continue funding projects C-ment needs your help.

The mental health of our children is of vital importance, please contribute by making a donation or covenant. Your gift will fund these and similar projects. Whatever you give will help.

C-ment is a registered charity, Charity number: 801991